Beckie Enright
Nature in Serbia – A Land Undiscovered Beckie Enright, 28/10/2015

In the western reaches of Serbia, we moved through the Valjevo canyon like we were its first inhabitants, slowly and to a silence only broken by the trickling of the river which we would break with our steps as we crossed its winding paths over and over. A steam train transported us through the fluttering green forests that started in Mokra Gora and spread beyond the mountain peaks on the steam fuelled tracks of the Sargan Eight Railway. An afternoon, flanked by a glorious sun, was spent following the gentle current of the mighty Dunabe river from the tiny beaches of Novi Sad to a narrow point that seemed like the tranquil end of its dominating course. On another, our tiny boat conquered the many bends of the 10 kilometre long Uvac River, hugged by the mountainous plateau.

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